03/24 /2024 Jason Salvador — minutes read

1. Machine Learning

    1. Coursera: Introduction to Machine Learning
    2. edX: Principles of Machine Learning
    3. Udacity: Deep Learning
    4. DataCamp: Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
    5. Udemy: Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data Science

    2. Data Analysis:

    1. Coursera: Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R
    2. edX: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
    3. Udacity: Data Analysis with R
    4. DataCamp: Data Visualization with ggplot2
    5. Udemy: Data Visualization on the Browser with Python and Bokeh

    3. Programming Languages for AI:

    1. Coursera: Programming for Everybody (Python)
    2. edX: Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner
    3. Udacity: Learn Julia by Building Projects
    4. Codecademy: Learn R
    5. Udemy: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

    4. Natural Language Processing:

    1. Coursera: Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow
    2. edX: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    3. Udacity: Natural Language Processing Nanodegree
    4. DataCamp: Advanced NLP with Spacy
    5. Udemy: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python

    5. Computer Vision:

    1. Coursera: Deep Learning in Computer Vision
    2. edX: Practical Deep Learning for Coders
    3. Udacity: Introduction to Computer Vision
    4. Codecademy: Learn Computer Vision with TensorFlow
    5. Udemy: Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z: OpenCV, SSD & GANs

    6. Robotics:

    1. Coursera: Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control
    2. edX: Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematical Foundations
    3. Udacity: Robotics Software Engineer
    4. Robot Academy: Robotics Courses from Beginner to Advanced
    5. Udemy: Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi
    6. Introduction to Robotics:
    7. Stanford University
    8. MIT OpenCourseWare
    9. Robotic Process Automation:
    10. Coursera: UiPath
    11. Udemy: RPA Overview
    12. Industrial Automation:
    13. edX: Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform
    14. Coursera: Industrial IoT

    7. AI Ethics:

    1. Coursera: AI For Everyone
    2. edX: Ethics of AI and Big Data
    3. Udacity: AI for Healthcare
    4. FutureLearn: Understanding Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Safety
    5. Udemy: Ethical AI: Bias in Machine Learning
    6. Microsoft: Responsible AI
    7. Elements of AI: Building AI
    8. Harvard Online: Responsible AI
    9. Coursera: AI, Ethics, and Law
    10. Udemy: Ethical AI — Bias in Machine Learning

    8. Business Intelligence:

    AI in Business Analysis:

    1. Udemy: The Business Intelligence Analyst Course

    AI in Data-Driven Decisions:

    1. Coursera: Data-Driven Decision Making

    AI in Market Forecasting:

    1. Udemy: Business Forecasting with AI

    AI Tools:

    Using TensorFlow:

    1. Coursera: TensorFlow in Practice

    Using PyTorch:

    1. Udacity: Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

    Using RapidMiner:

    1. RapidMiner: Data Science Training

    Using IBM Watson:

    1. Coursera: IBM Watson Discovery

    Using Synthesia:

    1. Synthesia University

    9. Domain-Specific AI Applications:

    AI in Healthcare:

    1. MIT OpenCourseWare: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
    2. Coursera: AI in Healthcare

    AI in Finance:

    1. Coursera: AI in Finance
    2. Udemy – Machine Learning and AI: Support Vector Machines in Python

    AI in Retail:

    1. Coursera – Machine Learning for Business Professionals

    AI in Gaming:

    1. Coursera – Game Design and Development with Unity 2020
    2. Udacity – Learn ARKIT

    10. AI Research:

    Current Topics in AI Research:

    1. MIT OCW: Artificial Intelligence

    Paper Reading & Writing:

    1. Coursera: Writing in the Sciences

    Participating in Kaggle Competitions:

    1. Coursera: How to Win a Data Science Competition: Learn from Top Kagglers


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